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Cochin to Kalyan-Dombivli Relocations

Our group of packers and movers is one of the most reliable and affordable at the same time. We ensure safe transport at considerable prices while taking care of your material that is to be transported no matter how long the journey is. We take proper care of each and every item which we are supposed to deliver.

As these places are a little too far, we move this stuff via flights. The distance between Cochin and Kalyān is 1,087.0 km by flight. We even deliver to places that are cited in between the main route from Kochin to Kalyan- Dombivli. There are two routes which we follow:


Cochin- ThrissurTirur– Malappuram- Thalassery- Kannur– Kanhangad- – Karnataka – Mangalore- Udupi- Murdeshwar- Gokarna- Yellapur- Dandeli- Belagavi- Gadhinglaj- Kolhapur- Uran islampur- Karad- Pune- Karjat- Kalyan


Cochin- Thrissur- Tirur- Malappuram– Thalassery- Virajpet- Kushalnagar- Hassan– Arsikere- Kadur- Channagiri- Davanagere- Harihar- Ranebennur- Devagiri- Gotagodi- Tadas- Varur- Hubki- Dharvad- Belagavi- Kolhapur- Umbraj- Khandala- Khed shivapur- Kalyan

kERALA kochi to Kalyan-Dombivli

kERALA kochi to Kalyan-Dombivli

We deliver to following areas

 Kochara Gaon, Mitradham society, Prayag nagar, Padle Gaon, Mothagaon, Devicha pada, Navapada, Kumbharkan pada, Thakurli, Lokdhara, Lokgram, Saikrupa, Hanuman nagar, Manisha colony, Indira nagar, Milind nagar.

We provide the following services

Historical importance of the places

Kochi “Queen of the Arabian Sea” known as the commercial trade center of Kerala since many years. There are still old buildings which have been renovated now. IT is also known as commercial capital of Kerala. Cochin is also considered as an attractive place for international and domestic tourist and also the city is ranked on the sixth position in the category of best cities in destinations for tourists in India according to a survey conducted by a traveler.

Dombivli also shows trade history back to the material period. There are many stone writings on the famous buildings of Dombivli where the Portuguese stationed themselves when they came for trade. It was a famous area in 1730 during the Peshwa rule when farmers started cultivating paddy during the 19th Century and sold it in areas from Kalyan to Mumbai.

Why should you trust us

We are one of the most reliable movers and Packers in India. Our team has always maintained the trust of the customers and we take proper care of the belongings which are allotted to us to be transported. We have all the licences and insurances along with the certificate of qualified team of Packers and Movers. Our clients have always been fully satisfied with our work and we ensure the same for you. We are going to take proper care of your belongings no matter how long the distance is. We will fully assure you that there is no need to worry and the task should be left solely on us as we are going to satisfy you with our work. Even if you feel there is a problem you can contact our office services and solve the issue without any delay.


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