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Plants Relocation Tips

Relocation can be very hectic. Looking at every minor detail and taking care of every sensitive as well as the fragile item can be very stressful. One of the major issues that the people face during the relocation is to figure out what types of plants to carry and how to nurture them during the relocation. We have listed down a few points that you need to follow to take care of your plants during plant relocation-

Proper watering of plants-

You must ensure to water your plants 2-3 days before the moving day so that the water can sustain for two to three days and can stay most during the shipment. You can make use of a spray flask to mist your sensitive and fragile plants from time to time for the leaves without soaking the soil.

plant packing tips kerala kochi

plant packing tips kerala kochi

Testing with the PH kit-

It is very essential to settle the plants as fast as possible and timely providing them with food and water. It is very essential to know that some plants cannot adapt to certain types of soil. To check if that soil is suitable or not, you need to get a pH testing kit that is easily available in nearby nurseries. According to the results you have to fertilize it and repeat the activity until the relocation is fully settled.

Sterilized pots-

After the analysis of the pH test. You need to use sterilized pots to keep the plants. During the relocation, you can buy ceramic pots to pack your delicate plants a week before the move to make sure that the plants are healthy during the transit. After this process, the plant will be in good condition for 7-10 days which is enough for settling.

Proper packing of the plants-

Proper packing of your plants is very essential during the relocation, especially if you are moving indoor plants. You can make use of some old bedsheets to create a protecting shield from any unknown damages coming along the way. Another method is to use durable plastic bags at the base of the plants for keeping the soil contained securely.

Small plants relocation-

You can make use of cardboard boxes to keep the small plants in a fixed and comfortable position. You can change the size of the boxes to make sure that the plants fit well and are not congested. Avoid covering it up fully, make sure that there are holes in the sides of the boxes for circulation. small plants are easier to carry and relocate such as miniature plants, aloe vera, herbs etc. These plants are not required to be fertilized. It is essential to water the plants and have a good flow of air. Additionally, you have to pack the bottom area of pot, especially if you are using ceramic pot or clay pot like easily fragile items.

Bigger plants to relocate-

It is a bit of a difficult task to relocate a large size plant such as tulsi, fiddle leaf plants etc. we will, of course, suggest you use a bigger box and use an old cloth to wrap around it for protection. It will help them to stand still and be undisturbed during the travel. The unrequired spill of soil can also be avoided. Make sure that the plants are not tightly congested and have a free space.



Plants are very sensitive and delicate. It is very essential to handle them with proper care and using proper tools that will ensure that they are not damaged or hurt during the period of relocation. Shifting them with nurture is very essential. You can also consult with the Professional moving companies for suggestions.

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