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GST Bill -Packers and Movers

We as packers and movers are responsible for providing our customers with the best service, Today we will explain how you can get your GST bill claim. Pro Cochin House Shifting and Moving Packers providing GST bill on behalf of its parent firm, the customers can submit this bill in their company to get the refund for their relocation expense.

The packer’s and mover’s GST receipt is perhaps the most essential part that most clients disregard. To guarantee a mover’s and packer’s GST bill, you’ll require the bill’s documentation, including the GST receipt, installment cash receipt, and transport bill. Also, crosscheck assuming that the bill is the original one.

To guarantee the charge, you should require a Packers and Movers GST Bill Format, where you can check what the actual charges for every individual help are. Choose Packers and Movers near me (grammatically YOU) having GST number. GST registration number of Kerala starts from 32 . For claiming the relocation expense , most of the organizations wont ask IBA approved Bill, all they need is transporter bill with valid GST number.

Documents required for movers and packers GST bill claim:

  • List of Material Copy / Lorry Receipt Copy (LR ) Copy
  • Quotation Copy
  • Moving Vehicle No / Agent Address
  • Driver License ID Card Copy
  • Transit Insurance Paper
  • Invoice Copy + eway bill Copy
  • Adhar Card of Customer with declaration mentioning ‘household goods not for sale’
  • The invoice with GST Stamp

0%-Packers and Movers GST Bill

This portion, otherwise called the Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM), is relevant, under which the beneficiary announces that he would pay the GST directly to the Indian government. In this situation, the beneficiary’s high priority is a GST number. In the event that a customer uses transportation service, they will be charged a level rate.

5% Packers and Movers GST Bill

Generally, packers and movers offer five services: dismantling, packaging, loading, transportation, and unloading. GST of Pro Cochin House Shifting and Moving Packers is 5%

General Explanation:

How to find out if the GST invoice is fake? 

Here are two ways by which you can find out if the GST invoice provided by your mover and packer is fake or genuine.

  • A fake receipt will be viewed as fake in the event that a firm isn’t enlisted for GST yet puts a fake GSTIN on the receipt and charges GST. The expense paid won’t be kept with the public authority.
  • Each citizen gets an extraordinary GSTIN that is 15 digits long, in view of their PAN. In the event that the sequence of this number changes any capacity, it can be recognized as fake.

GST Rate of Pro Cochin 

GST Rate of Pro Cochin House Shifting and Moving Packers is 5%, under the unit of  our Logistics Company . (See Link)