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Packing Goblets and Stemware for Moving

If you are relocating from one place to another you are probably already busy buying packages, wrapping papers and so on required to pack your belongings. But when it comes to the packing process you might be confused about different ways of packing different items, especially when it comes to packing your fragile items like glasses, cup, goblets or stemware.

So if you are one such person who is about to pack your goblets and stemware this article of Packers and Movers in Ernakulam suggests some tips to pack them.

How to Pack Goblets and Stemware for Moving .

Goblets and stemware should be packed in a similar way as you pack your glasses and fragile cups. First you must purchase a divided boxes or the boxes with cell pack interiors, packing papers, this can also be replaced with newspapers (but make sure they are neat and high in quantity) and bubble wrap. If you do not get divided or cell pack boxes buy some pre-cut cardboard slits.

Now wrap the bottom part (handle) of your goblets and stemware with the packing papers firmly after packing the bottom part move on to the top and again pack them with another packing paper. Now it is time to wrap them with bubble wrap. After packing them completely, fix the boxes that you are going to pack them in.

If you are using divided or cell pack boxes taping the bottom is enough but you must fix the pre-cut slits into the boxes if you are using any normal boxes. Now bubble warp the interior of the boxes. After preparing the boxes, place the goblets and stemware carefully in them. If you are planning a multilayer packaging make sure you don’t pack your goblets and stemware at the bottom layer. For free guidance on Packing and Moving, contact responsible packers and movers in Ernakulam Kerala. Services available on all days.

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