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Packing Cups and Glasses for Moving

The last thing that you want to experience when you relocate from one place to another is a box full of shattered glasses or your favorite and expensive cup set being broken due to your careless packing.

If you are someone who is relocating from one place to another and have too many fragile utensils in your kitchen that you purchased with so much love here is a blog for you. This article written by experts in Packing and moving suggests some tips to pack cups and glasses for moving.

How to pack Cups and Glasses for Moving? 

The first and foremost thing that you must do before packing your cups and glasses is purchasing those things that are needed to pack them, you might need divided boxes or cell pack boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, packaging papers.

Now assemble the boxes accordingly and close the bottom of the box firmly using tapes, tape it multiple times and check whether the bottom is closed properly because you don’t want to see your glasses fall and break due to the an open bottom.

Now categorize your glasses based on its size, if they nest into each other good if not then you have to find boxes of big size. After categorizing them start to wrap them with packing paper.

If you have glasses that nest together wrap two glasses with the packing paper then nest them together, and wrap them again with packing paper. Follow the same step for rest of the glasses.

If they don’t nest, use pre-cut slits to pack them. After wrapping the glasses, cover the boxes with the bubble wrap sheets and place all the packed glasses gently. After placing the glasses in the box close the box and tape them. You have successfully completed your packing process

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