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Packing Fridge and Washing Machine for Moving

Relocating from one place to another requires two main process which are packing your belongings and moving them without causing any damages. Packing and moving objects that are smaller in sizes is an easy-peasy job but the tough work lays in packing and moving bigger objects.

So if you are one such person trying to complete that tough task this article is for you as it suggests few tips to pack your washing machine and fridge for moving.

How to Pack Fridge and Washing Machine for Moving?

Way before packing your belongings you must own the materials that are required for packing. In case of washing machine and fridge you might require cushion pads, bubble wrap, rope and tapes. Let’s first learn to pack the fridge, to begin with the packing remove all the materials inside the fridge including those food products.

Now slowly dismantle the shelves and drawers even the ones present in the freezer. After dismantling the shelves and drawers clean them, wrap them with bubble wrap and packing papers and tape them firmly.

Now unplug your refrigerator from all electrical source and defrost it. Make sure this process happens 24 hours before the moving. And then cover them with cushion pads using the rope. Now your refrigerator is ready for the move.

When it comes to washing machine drain the excess water and clean the interior as the first step. Now cover them using cushion pads and rope. You can also place some naphthalene balls or a packing soda between the cushion pads and your appliances to avoid smell and odour as a final step.

Hope this article by packers and Movers in Kochi Ernakulam helped you to pack those gigantic refrigerator and washing machine of yours.

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