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Packing Glass dining table for moving

Travelling form one place to another can be fun but relocating form one place to another can be a hideous process, as it involves lot of packing and moving process. Moving furniture can always be a tiring process especially when it comes to moving fragile and brittle furniture like glass table.

If you are one such person who is planning to move your glass dining table this article of Packers and Movers in Kerala is for you as it suggests few tips to pack your glass dining table for moving.

How to Pack Glass dining table for moving?

When you are planning to move anything around, you must always begin with purchasing the required things needed to pack it. And when it comes to packing glasses you might need a wrapping blanket, moving rubber band and bubble wrap.

After the purchasing process is completed remove the glass top from your dining table carefully and place it aside. When you are placing it down make sure you don’t place it flat as it may shatter, glasses have a stronger integrity at the edges so place them upright.

Never store the glass without covering them after removing it from the table as it would become dirty and these dirt particles might cause scratches in the glasses.

So now when it comes to packing these glass dining table first you have to cover the whole glass piece with the wrapping blanket and tie them with moving rubber band, after the initial packing is completed, pack the whole glass piece with the bubble wrap to prevent it from breaking.

Now pack the other parts of the furniture accordingly and make it ready to move.

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