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Packing plants for shipping

  The basic step that is involved in every relocation process is packing those materials that are important and those that are emotionally close. For some, plants that they grow hold a deep emotional value, so when they are relocating they certainly want to pack these plants with them too.

If you are one such person, this article of Packers and Movers team is for you as it suggests few tips to pack your plants for shipping, so that you don’t have to leave them behind and let them die because of dehydration.

 How to pack plants for shipping?

You can either ship them by yourselves or call movers for help. So if you are shipping them by yourself then you don’t have to follow the first step, if you think there won’t be any movements that can damage your plants in travel, but you must follow the first step if you are moving it using movers.

The first step you should follow is to shift your plants to a shatterproof pot way before the day of relocation (say 3 weeks before relocation). This will help your plant to settle in its new environment and the shatter proof container will protect it from any damage.

Keep your plants hydrated during the week when you are going to relocate but do not water it on the previous day of relocation because it can promote fungal growth.

If you are planning to move huge plants, trim the unnecessary parts like flowers, few branches, or leaves from the plant so that it will become travel friendly.

If it a short distance relocation you can just move them without any packing, but if it is a long distance one, you must pack them in a cozy manner and that can be done using a bag of perlite or up-cycling the newspaper to wrap it.

Follow these tips to pack your plants next time you relocate. Also, check your nearest packers and movers whether they are okay to move your plants or not. For relocations in Ernakulam, visit us

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