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Packing books for moving

Books are people’s best friend, great teachers and sometimes they can even be our great companion. The happiness in reading books doesn’t end when the book is read it also involves the process of taking good care of your books, only a reader can understand the importance of maintaining a book.

So if you are a reader who is relocating from one place to another this article is for you as this Packers and Movers Kochi Webpage suggests you some methods to pack your books without damaging them during the movement.

How to Pack Books for moving?

After few years of purchase, books can turn out fragile due to its paper quality, it can be torn etc. In such a scenerio, careful handling is quitessential. So, the first thing you have to keep in mind is, move your books only after packing it.  We are always recommending to use high quality corrugated boxes, seal the boxes entirely with plastic wrap hence no water enter into it.

The next thing in the process is to bubble wrap the inside of the boxes for extra safety, if you have more time then you can bubble wrap each of your books too, but it will take forever to do so. You can purchase from packing material local shop near you. Now, if you have hardcover books you must pack them in a vertical manner, and you can pack the paperback books in a horizontal manner. And after packing fill in the extra space with cotton balls or bubble wrap to avoid the movement of books. Now seal the other end of the box, your books are ready to move.

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