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Packing clothes for moving

You will never realize the amount of clothes you have in your closet until you want to shift them, especially when it comes to the process of relocation, shifting all your clothes from your huge closet to the boxes can be huge work.

So if you are one such person who is facing this struggle, this article of Packers and Movers in Cochin is for you as it suggests some tips that can help you pack your clothes in a proper and easy manner.

How to pack clothes for Moving?

To begin with the packing process you should categorize your clothes, it can be based on season or type of clothes like t-shirts, tops, dresses and so on, this sorting can be done based on your needs. After sorting those clothes check whether everything fits you, because you don’t need to pack each and every cloths that are in your closet.

 Throw away the damaged clothes and give away the clothes that you don’t want to use anymore or the ones which do not fits you or the ones that you are bored of to the charity.

When the sorting process is completed pick out the clothes that you want during the relocating time and keep them separately. Now your clothes are ready for the packing process.

You can either use wardrobe boxes, suitcases, vacuum bags or all of them for packing your clothes. Hang your expensive and designer clothes in the wardrobe boxes, you can use suitcase for your house use clothes after folding them neatly and vacuum bags for the clothes that you think are important. You can also replace the wardrobe boxes with normal boxes if you can fold the clothes neatly, and vacuum bags can be replaced by plastic bags.

By following the above process you can move your clothes without damaging them. For packing assistance talk with Professional House Shifting teams in Cochin Kochi

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