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What type of vehicle to consider while moving

One of the most confusing things that you may have to encounter is what vehicle to choose while moving. If you are planning to do a DIY move which can be very hectic and time confusing then this may be a common question in your mind. But you do not have to worry you can easily find a house relocation service in Kochi or anywhere in the world.

We realize how a simple Google search for how to determine the correct truck size for relocating can lead to even more confusion. The main reason for this is that generic answers such as medium-sized trucks are best for moving 1 – 2 bedrooms or more advanced options such as ‘1000 – 1500’ square meter feet of the room would’ve been required to transport a 3 BHK or a big 2 BHK,  and so on, do not include the answer you were hoping for, especially not in simple words.

Furthermore, it might be difficult to foresee how much space your sofa, appliances, boxes, and other items will take up. Of course, a novice would find it difficult to visualize all of your comfortably situated objects in your home crammed together within a truck.

Here are some ideal trucks for household removals: 

Large Trailer Trucks

It resembles a semi-trailer vehicle in appearance. The only variation is that there is greater space in the back of the vehicle. The items can be delivered from the back, the top, or the sides. These vans are sometimes used by the packers and movers crew for house relocation services. This sort of truck is used when moving from one city to the other.

Trailer Truck

The most popular mode of transportation for long-distance moves. Because it provides protection against all types of environmental situations. For long-distance transfers, our packers and Movers utilize this van for moving office supplies or industrial items.

Truck with Tail Lift

These vans are typically used by our movers and packers to convey a bachelor’s belongings or modest office equipment to a new location. This van is typically utilized for typical house shifting services. The rear lifting platform can assist in transferring cargo within or outside of the vehicle. It can transport cargo weighing between 500 and 2000 kg.

The larger your house, the more items you have to transport, necessitating the need for a larger vehicle. However, don’t reserve a vehicle based solely on the capacity of your home; examine the other aspects as well to ensure you don’t wind up either a little truck in which you can’t fit your belongings or a big vehicle in which you pay for vacant space.


Also, we’d like to inform you that we have mini trucks like Ashok Leyland Dost, Bolero Pickup 1.7 Ton, Tata 407, Eicher, and Mahindra Jayo.

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