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Kakkanad Vs Edappally Vs Panampilly Nagar: Which Place is better to Live?

Are you thinking about which place in Kochi is better to live? We, the leading household items moving Company in Kochi Kerala suggesting the basic difference between places Kakkanad Vs Edappally Vs Panampilly Nagar

Kakkanad Vs Edappally Vs Panampilly Nagar : The Bet Place in Kochi Comparison 


Kakkanad Is an emerging entrepreneurial city of the most vigorous part of Kochi. It has a lot of job opportunities available as it is the IT capital of the city and has the capability of many infrastructural developments far better than the other part of Kochi. Not only Its sector but it has a lot of health care institutions, and various educational institution and as well as has enough water supply for the living and the industrial purposes. The residential places in Kakkanad have lush greenery and have plenty of open spaces. It is one of the places that one can opt for a soothing lifestyle as it has a combination of both modern as well as the traditional atmosphere where both Malayali and non-Malayali can reside. Kakkanad has a nearly negligible population and has convenient access to the airport as well as to the railway station. Since there is the splendid hub of both commercial construction as well as residential construction. It is always a desire to have a place in such a place that has a wide range of flats with different budgets where you can enjoy the most of the professional as well as the personal life.


kakkanad panampilly nagar edappaly

kakkanad panampilly nagar edappaly


Edapally is one of the most valuable areas of Kochi as it is easily accessible to anywhere in Kochi. It is very close to one of the famous malls in our country. Lulu mall is less than 5 km away from this posh place and not to forget that this place is only less than 15km from the airport. This place has state of art facilities and has very convenient and spacious residential flats. This place is a post area and it takes part of your expenses as there are huge transportation facilities, nearby schools, hospitals and major health care facilities near the residential areas. It is known for its easy access to all the major restaurants, shopping malls, professional colleges, IT parks as well as metro stations. Edappally is quite a convenient and nice locality with a friendly neighborhood for families and children to live in.

Panampilly Nagar

Panampilly Nagar is both commercials well as a residential place in Kochi. It has the most expensive and major residential buildings in Kochi. The land value of this place is quite high and no normal average earning person can afford it. It has a huge demand on the residential places as it has cleaned and eco-friendly areas and parks for children to play. There are various transportation facilities available. It has various service roads and parks that are specially made for the elderly citizen. It has numerous restaurants, churches, boutiques, fitness centers for the youth and it is a commercial place that also offers.

Compared to all three places, Kakkanad is the most convenient, affordable, family-friendly place to live in. All the other places are perfect in their own way and have their own perks but for a regular and average man, he can afford to stay in kakkanad. In India, there is the majority of average earning families. Looking at that point of view kakkanad is the best place to live in.

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