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Moving To Kochi? The Complete Relocation Guide

If you get an opportunity to relocate to a place filled with woods and nature just grab it without giving it a second thought because life is too short to wait for fulfilling your dream of living between the woods. And if you are planning to move to one such area as mentioned above then you might love Kochi in Kerala.

Kochi also known as Cochin is a major port in India, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Kerala as it a home to many hills, lake, monuments, rivers and so on. In spite of all the technological development and increase in employment, Kochi has retained its beauty in nature that it is still attracting so many tourists towards it, and has become one of the most famous tourist spot in India.

So if you are relocating to Kochi , we can help you to move household items to Kochi Kerala. This blog is for you as it provides you with the complete relocation guide to Kochi.

So to begin with let’s know about all the places of attraction in Kochi that you can visit during your mini trips.

 The Marine drive: Marine drive is one of the best places to visit in the city especially during nights as it gives the view of sea and the city lights combined together.

 Kerala Kathakali centre: If you are a person who is into cultural dance performance then you can visit this Kathakali centre to witness one of the most beautiful dance performances of Kathakali.

 Willington Island named after Lord Willington is the perfect human made island to spend your weekends in Kochi.

 Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary which is situated at the centre of Kochi can be an amazing place to visit for bird watching, as this place attracts lots of migrant birds.

There are several beaches like Veeranpuzha, Andhakaranzi, and Puthenthode in Kochi where you can spend your weekends with a complete relaxation.

The “must visit” places in Kochi are uncountable as the whole place is an attraction itself. And moving on with the cost of living in Kochi, as per the internet data it costs around an average of 77 to 78 thousand for a family and 22 to 23 thousand for a single person excluding the cost of relocation which is very much lower than all the metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

kochi relocations

kochi relocations

Though the city seems tempting, relocating from one city to another and leaving behind everything can be sad but you don’t have to leave so much behind if you relocate through a good relocating company. And you can find a good company if you follow few steps:

  • Do good research on the company you are hiring for the home shifting.
  • Do the background search on their relocating services.
  • Read the reviews of the people who hired them before.
  • Visit them in person and get the complete details.
  • Compare their cost and services with that of the other companies.
  • And based on the comparison decide the company that you are going to hire
  • Get the details about the employers that are going to work for you.
  • Read their complete insurance policy thoroughly, if they don’t provide any then rethink your option because you don’t want to face any loss when they damage your goods during the relocation process by mistake.

Hope this blog made your relocation process a simple and happy one.

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