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5 Best Places to Visit in Ernakulam District

We have all wanted to go for a vacation to a place surrounded by woods and greenery especially after being quarantined for so long due to this deadly pandemic, we definitely deserve a small vacation to re-boost our mental health. Just imagine waking up to the sound of the rain pouring and to that of the petrichor, Imagine sipping your hot mug of cappuccino or hot chocolate in the chill climate before going to your work, Imagine going for a long walk at evening when the road is covered with mist. Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?

So if you are looking for an affordable and short distance vacation places then this blog is for you as it suggests one such tourist spot that you must visit.

ernakulam district

ernakulam district

Ernakulam district located in the state of Kerala is the tourist spot that, we will be exploring in this blog. We have shared 5 places that one must visit in this district in the following content. In the meanwhile, you are planning to move Ernakulam and looking for help from Packers and Movers Ernakulam or House Shifting Companies in Ernakulam, get in touch with us

5 Best Places to Visit in Ernakulam District

1) The Museum of Mattancherry:

Art, music, humanity are few things that heals a soul without even uttering a single world, but little did we realise that they are few things that help us learn and know about the history and culture too.

So if you want to have fun exploring the history you must visit the Mattancherry museum also known as the Dutch palace as this place displays centuries old architectures, ruins imprints, paintings, and it also has a lovely garden with lawn.

This museum has four wings and a huge courtyard that possess a temple for goddess Bhagavathi. And it exhibits a multiple culture with varieties of communities displaying the unity in diversity.

2) Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary:

Walking through the woods in a chill climate, listening to the chirping of birds of both local and foreign breed, slowing or stopping to look at a beautiful flock of birds, spending your time bird watching, doesn’t it sound like a perfect plan for your weekend?

If you are someone who admires the beauty of nature and wants to be engulfed by the flora and fauna then you must visit Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary in Ernakulam.

It is one of the ancient bird sanctuaries in India and is also referred as the “richest bird sanctuary” by Salim Ali.

It shelters hundreds of migrant and local flora and fauna, it also extends its shelter towards 28 mammals and 8 reptiles.

3) Vypeen Island:

Surrounded by water on four sides having a nice blast by chilling along the coasts of island can become a lifetime memory for us. And to experience that life time memory making moments all you have to do is visit Vypeen Island in Ernakulam which will provide you a relief from all your stress.


4) Cherai Beach:

Sipping on some lemonade, reading your favourite book lying on the sandy beaches wearing your summer clothes sounds like perfect getaway doesn’t it? And to experience such get away all you have to do is visit Cherai Beach in Ernakulam.

5) MG Road:

Every vacations should end with some shopping to carry those memories in things and if you plan on spending your vacations in Ernakulam, then it is easy to make that shopping happen with Mahatma Gandhi road which holds varieties of store to shop varieties of things.

Hope this blog helped you to plan and pack bags to Ernakulam.

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