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Places in Kochi Cochin where Packers and Movers Essential

Kochi is a wonderful city with different types of people. This city always influenced Arab, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese traditional ancient culture. Kochi has a higher Christian population and it also has one of the oldest churches in India. It is a cosmopolitan city with busy streets, flashy malls and is considered a commercial state. There are many linguistic and ethnic communities that you can spot which makes the city very diverse. This expanding market and thriving job opportunities make the city much more convenient to move to. The are many citizens who want to move and settle in the Kochi city and experience all this amazing culture with no hindrance in job opportunities. For such people, packers and movers companies come in handy. They make sure that all your personal belonging such as household items, furniture, cutlery is sent to your new residence safely. There are top residential places in Kochi that are amazing for the people to have a peaceful living.

Places in Kochi Cochin where Packers and Movers Essential

  • Fort Kochi
  • Marine Drive 
  • Thevara 
  • Kadavanthra 
  • Edappally – Vyttila 


Fort Kochi is one of the most visited places by tourists. It has the culture and this place keeps the heritage alive. Since it reflects the colonial heritage from streets and the traces of Portuguese as well as Dutch heritage in buildings, people want to come and reside in this place. Packers and movers Kochi are essential in this place as it has all the facilities and convenience around. If previously booked, you can get satisfactory service for a home relocation. Since this place resembles a Jewish colonial era, this place is in huge demand, and packers and movers are established for your service.

places in kochi movers service essential

places in kochi movers service essential

Marine Drive is a famous lakeside area with beautiful views. Residence with a lakeside view is always high on demand. Recently the greater development of Kochi expanded the area by building residences along with pathways to walk to the shore. This new development creates a hike in demand for such residential places. Packers and movers are very essential in such areas as there are various services such as warehouse storage and household relocation needed. People who want to have a lake view apartment are all over buying a residence in the marine drive.

Thevara is considered as one of the prime locations in central Kochi. This place is connected to MG Road, and vyttila that leads to various hospitals, schools, and colleges. This place also connects you to various marketplaces and beautiful marine drives. This makes thevara a place of high demand and a central residential place of all. Packers and movers can offer various services for such residential moves. Facilities such as furniture, electrical relocation, and rearranging are of great significance here.

Kadavanthra is the central part of the cochin where most of the industry is situated. Most notably it is the home of most of the industry’s headquarter. Packers and movers are very essential for such places as there is a lot of office relocation that takes place. They need to have such a facility that can help you to pack, unpack, load, unload. Since it is a commercial place, a lot of electronic devices might be present that need to be handled delicately. Good quality wrapping papers must be used for the packaging of these items.

Another most famous commercial area is Edapally- Vytilla bypass. It is one of the most expensive road view properties in Kochi. It is near the national highway that contacts the north to the south of the state. This place has a lot of luxury restaurants, malls, hotels, and the bypass consist of numerous popular stops. This bypass road is initially a residential place but due to its extensive popularity, it became a commercial spot. Residential movers of Edapally need to provide services of both offices as well as home relocation. As this place has a lot of offices, restaurants, as well as residence, packers, and movers, is very essential to up-down packing materials needed with the required transportation.

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