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25 Best House Shifting Tips: This Vlogger Explained Everything you want to know

Planning to shift a house? Well, we got you like always! Shifting a house is not easy as we all know, but do you want to learn a few interesting tips from a person who has shifted house more than once? If that is a yes, then continue reading with us.

If you are someone who has to move every few years, then we are here to make your life easy. Today we will talk about 25 best house shifting tips that will make your life easy.

Here are the best house shifting tips that you all should know!

  1. Plan everything and make a checklist: This is one of the first steps to moving a house, it is important to make a checklist of all the things you need to do. If you have any pending bills for example newshpaper, gas, electricity add it in your to-do list. If you have kids then take Tc from the school and do not forget to pay the society charges.
  2. Best time to remove junk: House shifting is one of the best time to also deep cleanse your house, remove all the junk from your house that you may not need. This will not only save you a lot of space but will also help in getting rid of junk that you might have collected over the years.
  3. Save cardboard boxes: If you have plenty of cardboard boxes at your house then its better to save them for future move than discarding them and then buying new ones to pack. This will help you save the extra money on supplies.
  4. Hire professionals: When it comes to packers and movers, you can read about them online, always take a note of their ratings and reviews and on their basis you can select your ideal packers and movers.
  5. Buy packing essentials: Make sure you always have the packing essential like tape to seal boxes, markers and scissors.
  6. Take pictures of eclectic points: This is a very helpful tip, take pictures of your attached eclectic wires and points so that you know which wire will go where. This tip will save you a lot of time and will be helpful with all electric appliances.
  7. Take pictures of the house: Make sure you always take pictures of moving out of your rented apartment and moving in to a new one, send them to the owner so that they do not come up with issues later on.
  8. Empty out cabinets: Another great tip, always empty out the cabinets for easy move, moving cabinet that is filled with items may not be ideal. So, make sure you empty out all the cabinets beforehand.
  9. Change your address: Always change your address, this will save you a lot of time and efforts, so make sure you move your address asap after moving.
  10. Dissemble furniture: Do not move your furniture as it is, you should always dissemble your furniture before moving it. This way you can very easily pack the furniture and secure it from any damage.
  11. Pack documents and valuables separately: Make sure you pack your important documents and valuables before packers and movers come to help you in packing.
  12. Plan your meals: House shifting is hectic so make sure you choose the most easy and common recipes to cook for your family during shifting. Keep the ingredients needed handy.
  13. Open essentials first: Do not open all boxes at onces, start with the essential items first for example kitchen utensils, or a snack box that you might have made.
  14. Pack plates vertically: If you want to pack breakable plates then make sure you always pack them vertically and not horizontally. Take a curtain or bedsheet and pack them vertically this will save you space and time.
  15. Dont pack boxes with empty space: Never pack a box with empty space as it may increase the chances of breakage, make sure you always fill out the empty space by a towel or clothes.
  16. Label the boxes: This is a great tip that will help you save so much time and effort, always label your boxes directly write down what the boxes carry or which room the box belongs to.
  17. Use your frozen items: It is important to finish all the items in your freezer before you move, so start finishing up the grocery you might have before buying new items.
  18. Let your refrigerator settle down: Do not switch on your refrigerator as soon as it arrives, let it settle down for a while as the mechanism needs time to stablize after a long travel.
  19. Pack every ones items separately: Another important tip is to pack every ones items separately, try packing only minimal and important things for a few days.
  20. Clean your new house: It is important to clean your new house beforehand, make sure at least one bathroom, bedroom and kitchen are already cleaned before you arrive. You can always hire someone to do that.
  21. Pack toiletries: Always pack your essential toiletries, you can use clean wrap to avoid the toiletries spilling and creating a mess.
  22. Pack clothes with hangers: This is another great tip, you can save on to a lot of time, pack your clothes with hangers and you can simply remove them and hang them in your new house.
  23. Set up the kids room: Make sure you set up the kids room first, this will keep the kids busy and you will have plenty of time to work on other aspects of the house.
  24. Buy a vacuum cleaner: A lot of times you can not get a house help easily in such cases your vacuum cleaner can be your best friend, so get your hands on one today.

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Call for help: You can always call your friends or family members that live near by, they can help you in unpacking and keeping you entertained while you work.

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