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How to Execute the Kon-Mari Smart Tips during your Move

A lot of people may not be familiar with Kon-Mari, she is an international bestseller. She wrote “ The life-changing magic of tidying up”, this book is helpful for everyone who has a hard time keeping their surroundings clean and neat and can help you incorporate healthy habits.

Organizing your home is not only your duty but it is a much deeper connection with yourself, tidying up your surrounding is a powerful method to declutter not only your house but your stagnant energy too.

The Kon-Mari method will help you in tidying up your surroundings and organizing your home, home is not only a place we live but it also has a deeper connection with our energy.

Let us not talk about ways you can follow the KonMari method to tidy up your house. This can also help you in relocation and moving houses as well.

Tidying up is a marathon

According to KonMari, tidying up and DE cluttering is a marathon and not a sprint. She says that you must clean and declutter all your surroundings at once, do not do it one at a time.

Cleaning is definitely a process and can take days or even weeks at one time, but it is an important part of life and you must take out time to do it. By DE cluttering your home you will not only declutter the physical items but you will also declutter stagnant energy.

kon mari shifting technique pro cochin packers

kon mari shifting technique pro cochin packers

The first step 

The first step according to the KonMari qctivity is to imagine your ideal lifestyle. This step will change your life forever, you need to imagine your ideal life in all aspects.

A lot of times when we do not feel good or do not have the energy to deal with stuff in life, we can not even get ourselves to adhere to basic cleaning. Our emotions play an important role in manifesting our desired life.

Talk to yourself and imagine what type of life you would like to live once you are done with the cleaning. What your day is going to be like? What type of people you will hang out with? What will your emotional state be? These questions will help you find a deeper meaning in cleaning.

Tidy by category 

KonMari’s method teaches us to tidy by category and not by location. Some may also say this is the reason for KonMari’s method being so successful. Start with the easiest category moving forward to the tough one.

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This is the method KonMari suggests: 

  1. Clothes, this is the easiest category
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Komono also called as miscellaneous items
  5. Items with sentimental value

KonMari does not prefer a room-to-room approach but in the book, she asks you to gather up all your clothes from all rooms and then start selecting which ones you would like to keep and which you would like to discard.

Focus on things to keep 

KonMari’s method helps you to decide on what to keep rather than what to discard. The main objective is to find joy with the items you want to keep. Here are some steps you can follow to decide what is worth keeping.

  1. Pick up all times one at a time
  2. Ask yourself if you feel joy if you feel the thrill of having that particular time in your life
  3. If it does then keep the item
  4. If it does not then discard it with a heart full of gratitude

Discarding items with gratitude 

KonMari’s method teaches us to be grateful for every small or big item in our life. Discarding them is a special goodbye and you must do it with a heart full of gratitude.

Discarding each item with a heart full of gratitude will help you create space in your life for better things that are going to come. New experiences, new opportunities, and a new way of life that is waiting for you.

Give everything space in your home

Before you get to the storing part it is important to finish the decluttering. Once you have decluttered your space you would be left with things that invoke joy in your life.

Designate a space for all your items, and cherish all your items equally! The KonMari method teaches us to listen to our hearts when we declutter and tidy up our space. We hope all of you will follow this method!


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