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The reason why the Majority of Packers Movers won’t do Pet transport

Packers and movers are essential for a stress free move, if you are pet owner who wants to move your pet, packers and movers may not be the right person to contact.

A lot of packers and movers do not transport pets, while it seems perfectly find for packers and movers to transport pets, they aren’t objects but living beings with needs.

Moving a car or a bike might be easily for packers and movers rather than moving a pet event though it is trained and well-kept. Today we will talk about some of the reasons why majority of packers and movers do not move pets.

Here are some of the important reasons as to why packers and movers may not be comfortable moving your pet!

  • Pets can not be comfortable with everyone, they are mostly comfortable with their owners and a change of location and people can disture the pets sanity. They may go into panic mode and may not be comfortable with the person moving them.
  • They may not enjoy the journey with a stranger, most pets have anxiety, they do not do well with traveling and they also get nauseac.
  • Not everyone is a pet lover, they may not treat your pet with love and kindness like you do.
  • A lot of pets have special needs, their food, medicines and allergies that only the owner known best. Moving a dog can be messy and trouble some for the packers and movers hence they avoid it.

We would advise you to always take your pet along in your car or mode of travel when moving a house. This way the pet gets the comfort they want and will be better taken care off. Always get a check-up with your vet before a move, ask they to if your pet is healthy enough to travel and move.

Make sure you settle in all the house before moving your pet to the new house, pets don’t do well in new surrounding and settings so make your new house as comfortable and familiar as you can for your pet.

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