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Where to get free Packing Materials for House Shifting?

Are you planning on relocating soon? If the answer is yes, you will undoubtedly require a large number of cardboard boxes. Take everything from your house-sized box, put it in small boxes, load it onto a mobile box, also known as a van, and unload it into your new house-sized box.

Locations where you can get free moving boxes

So, where do you go to get free moving boxes? It turns out that there are a lot of stores and supermarkets willing to give you a free cardboard box or two. All you have to do is ask! The next two questions you’re probably wondering are what stores will give you boxes and what to look for in a used cardboard box.

The majority of retail establishments have scheduled deliveries throughout the week. This means they either have an abundance of free cardboard boxes packing materials or recycle them because they are no longer useful. Here we Packers and movers suggesting few places where you can collect free packing materials.

  1. Grocery stores and off-license facilities

Local grocery stores and off-license stores should be next on your list when looking for free boxes for moving. The store owners would welcome the opportunity to get rid of a few liquor boxes. Because these stores are smaller, there is no room for stacking unnecessary boxes.

  1. Bookstores

Look no further than bookstores like WHSmith and Waterstones for book packing boxes. Books, folders, and paper documents are likely to be the heaviest items you’ll need to pack, aside from any household appliances. Of course, there are some tricks to doing it correctly.

packing materials free

packing materials free

  1. Copy shops and print stores

Similarly, print shops and copy shops have an abundance of copier paper boxes. These boxes are not only ideal for storing heavy items, but they are also uniform and easy to handle. When it comes to loading the boxes onto the moving van, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

  1. Recycling facilities

If none of the above options have worked for you, try looking for free moving boxes in the place where all unwanted items end up: recycling centers. Look for a recycling center that accepts corrugated cardboard boxes in your area. Before you take them in, inspect them for bugs or other unwanted life forms.

  1. Pharmacies

If you’re looking for small boxes for free, a trip to the pharmacy might be your best bet. Despite the fact that medicine is delivered in bulk, the delivery boxes are smaller than the average storage box. These cardboard boxes can be used to store medications, utensils, and jewelry.

Final Words

Finding free packing supplies may not appear to be an easy task, but there are many resources available to help you plan your move on a budget. Plan on making a few phone calls to local business owners and searching your neighborhood for boxes and moving supplies. A little forethought may be all that is required to eliminate the cost of supplies from your moving budget. In case you are unable to find such options to get free packing materials, you can also consider purchasing packing materials from the shops. Several House Shifting companies are selling packing materials at affordable price. Also note that for getting corrugated rolls, stretch films, brown tapes etc, you needed to visit the packing material supply shops.


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