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Terms Associated with Moving Companies

Moving companies use their own terms and these terms might not be known and understood by many. Therefore, here is a small explanation about a bunch of terms that are associated with moving companies.

  1. Local Removalist

Removalist, as the name suggest is a company or a group that help you to remove your belongings from one location to another whenever in need. Local Removalist are the moving companies that are near to your location. Local Removalist are not always famous or renowned. They usually are Removalist to their near vicinity. The relationship with a local Removalist it much more intimate that any nationwide Removalist.

  1. Relocation Companies

Relocation Companies are companies that specializes in business of helping relocate from one location to another. They provide various services required while relocating. Relocation companies are often hired by corporate companies for relocating of their employees from one place to another for various reason. The relocation company help the employee as well their families to relocate from one to other location.


movers terminology

movers terminology

  1. Inter- state movers

Inter state movers, as the name suggests are moving companies that specializes in interstate shifting. Not all moving companies are capable of inter state relocating therefore these specific inter state movers are resign for shifting from one state to another. They have the recourses necessary for inter state moving, like transportation and insurance. Not every moving company is capable of inter state movement. Companies that are allowed are often known as interstate movers. We Pro Cochin  House Shifting and Moving Packers offering inter-state moving from Bangalore to Kerala.

  1. Long distance movers

Moving companies that help in shifting for long distances are usually called long distance movers. Long distance includes interstate to even inter country movements. Moving companies that specializes in such shifting are different in many ways. Long distance movers required extra permission and licences required for inter borders movement of their vehicle. They also have insurances for such long distance moving.

  1. House shifting agencies

The moving companies or agencies that specializes in house shifting are called house shifting agencies. Moving companies might be involves in house/shop/office shifting however a company who specializes in packaging, loading, transportation and reloading on household things are house shifting companies. They have special expertise in moving individuals from one house to another along with the belongings of the house.

6. State-Wide Relocation

A Moving company that offering relocation  throughout the state is called state-wide relocation. From Kochi city to all parts of Kerala we offering relocation services directly. Job responsibilities of state-wide relocation agents including Packing of Items, Loading and unloading of household goods, toll-tax clearance, ac removal and setting etc.

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