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House Shifting in Kochi During Lockdown

Due to Covid 19 and lockdown our world has turned upside down. Many of us have to struggle to do even simplest of our chores. House shifting has become increasingly difficult during these times. While many movers and packers’ company have shut down, because of the lack of customers. Other continue to work and help people with house shifting.

House shifting in Kochi during lockdown has been similar to what have had occurred around the world. However, with time there has been lesser restrictions. Cargo Movements are no longer restricted from one state to another. With lesser restriction on movement many people who were about to move before lockdown have started planning their shifting to various cities and state from Kochi. However, the customers as well as the movers and packers have to follow guidelines during house shifting during lockdown.

moving during lockdown

moving during lockdown

During this lockdown many restrictions were uplifted, including restriction on cargo movements so that house shifting can be resumed. The government of Kerala also uplifted this restriction and gave permission to packers and movers company to resume their business. There are certain guidelines the packers and movers as well as customers have to follow too.

Rules and regulation for House Shifting in Kochi During Lockdown .

  1. Follow guidelines related to social distancing and sanitization
  2. For survey customers home, use virtual survey module for safety of both customer and company workers.
  3. Wear mask, gloves and PPE kit while packing and moving articles.
  4. Regular sanitizing of trucks.
  5. Temperature check of workers before shifting/packing.
  6. Practicing social distancing at every possible step.
  7. Obtain vaccination at the earliest.

To run smoothly during lockdown, all packers and movers company follow the above rules to ensure safety of everyone. Similar to the packers and movers, the customer should also follow certain rules and regulations like-:

  1. Vaccination and temperature check before commencement of shifting procedure.
  2. Wear mask and sanitization of household before shifting.
  3. Practice social distancing
  4. Prepare necessary document and get permission from the local political body before shifting.
  5. Lastly avoid moving out before shifting to ensure that you and the workers are safe.

House shifting in Ernakulam / Cochin / Kochi during lockdown can be hectic but you have to be smart and follow all the guidelines along with your movers and packers to make sure that your shifting goes smooth. Even though many restrictions have been lifted in Kochi along with the cargo movement, it is important we still be safe and preform social distancing. So, if you are house shifting during lockdown in Kochi, keep these regulation in mind!


Blog by: Anjana Biswas and Edited by Rahul Nair

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