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Vyttila Vs Thrippunithura Vs Aroor: Which Place is better to Live?

Read this beautiful blog written by our  staff writer about the living expenses and the locality information of Vyttila Vs Thrippunithura Vs Aroor. We are a leading house shifting company in Kochi offering shifting of household goods from Ernakulam district local and also 33,000+ locations all India.

Vyttila Vs Thrippunithura Vs Aroor: Which Place is better to Live?



Vyttila has the biggest intersection in Kochi as well as Kerala as a whole. It has one of the busiest roads in the state and it is connected to the two most important hotels in the area. There are many businessmen who are resided in the place as it has one of the major flyovers that results in traffic jams and crowds. It consists of major apartments and flats that are connected to the flyovers that compare lively less crowded and lighter traffic to reduce the mishaps of two areas. It might seem to be in the outskirts of the city but it comes with great perks and advantages of its own. If you work in IT companies, you can stay here so that you could travel regularly to the workplace.


Thrippunithura is one of the major historical places in the state. It consists of the royal palace as well as the royal members of the state. It has a lot of historical cultures and various worldwide famous temples. They follow the annual festivities that people come to see all over the world. The cost of living is very low and there are various developed apartments and is made for the convenience of the This place has a good working municipal corporation that works on service of the citizen. This district has a main bus stand and helps to make transportation easier for the citizen. The railway transport is also present as the part of the town that connects to various important routes of the state.

tripunithura vyttila aroor

tripunithura vyttila aroor


Aroor is a traditional place that consists of various temples and it is filled with historical culture. There are hundreds of acres of land that are dedicated for traditional purposes. It is connected to the national highway. Apart from the traditional significance of this place, it has a great industry of seafood. The Vembanad lake in this area produces the largest amount of seafood that is exported to all of the countries. There is numerous marine food processing industry that happens that benefit our country. This place has numerous amounts of marine wealth as well as many logistical advantages. There are various low paddy fields that have interlocked water connected to major backwater lakes. This system helps to produce large-scale shrimp as well as prawns that are exported even internationally.

If you have to choose one place to live, Vyttila is a better place to live in as it has major residential benefits that the public can obtain. There is commercial as well as residential development that the area offers and it is of a low cost of living. If you are looking for a place where you can live with your family peacefully and has industrial benefits that are near your pace, Vyttila offers it all at a very affordable cost. There are even educational institutions such as schools and colleges near the residential places and many health care facilities near the residence.


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