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Ernakulam to Rajkot Relocations

We are Ernakulam’s most dependable packers and movers for Rajkot relocations, offering a comprehensive range of moving and storage services at affordable rates to a wide range of clients. Customers may rely on us to get them to and from Cochin or any other location safely. With our expertise and the help of our dedicated team, we guarantee to meet all of our clients’ unique relocation needs. Our expert packers and movers have handled a wide range of things and know how to pack them with care using our specially designed packing materials.

Ernakulam and Rajkot are separated by 1491 kilometres and 22.87 metres in a straight line. The distance between Ernakulam and Rajkot in miles is 926.5 miles. Because this is a straight line journey, the actual travel mileage between Ernakulam and Rajkot may differ depending on the curvature of the road.


Packers and Movers Route From Ernakulam to Rajkot

Route 1 :  Kochi – Thrissur – KozhikodeKannur – Mangalore – Udupi – Goa – Ratnagiri – Mumbai – Surat – Bharuch – Vadodara – Nadiad – Ahmedabad – Surendranagar – Rajkot

Route 2: Ernakulam  – ThrissurPalakkadCoimbatore – Annur – Talamalai R.F. – Odeyarpalya – Kollegal – Kunigal – Tumakuru – Hiriyur – Chitradurga – Davanagere – Ranebennur – Hubli – Kolhapur – Satara – pune – Thane – Valsad – Bharuch – Vadodara – Limbdi – Rajkot


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Ramnagar, Rampara, Rampara Beti, Magharvada, Mahika, Makanpar, Maliyasan, Mesvada, Nagalpar, Nakaravadi, Navagam, Padasan, Amargadh, Aniyala, Badpar, Barvan, Bedla, Bhangda, Bhayasar, Bhupgadh, Chanchadiya, Chitravav, Deroi, Dhamalpar, Dhandhiya, Dhandhni, Dungarpar, Fadadang, Gadhka, Gavaridad, Golida, Gunda, Hadmatiya, Hadmatiya, Halenda, Haripar, Hirasar, Hodthali, Jaliya, Jamgadh, Jhiyana, Kalipat, Kankot, Kasturbadham, Kathrota, Kharachiya, Kherdi, Khijadiya, Kuvadva, Lakhapar, Lampasari, Lodhida, Lothada, , Para Pipaliya, Parevala, Pipaliya, Rafala, Rajgadh, Ranpar, Ratanpar, Ronki, Sajadiali Lili, Sajadiali Suki, Samadhiyala, Sanosara, Sar, Sardhar, Satda, Saypar, Sokhada, Targhadiya, Thebachda, Umrali, Vadali, Vajdi, Vajdi Gadh, Vankvad, Vejagam, Khokhadadad, Khorana, Kuchiyadad



  • kitchen appliances Shifting Services
  • Bike and Two wheeler Shifting Services
  • Full Truck Load Booking for House Shifting
  • Office Shifting Service
  • House Shifting Services (like – Furniture, electronics goods, etc)
  • Corporate Moving Services
  • Commercial Relocation Services


Importance of both places

Kochi city, which is often regarded as the state’s commercial centre, has a large financial and commercial hub in Ernakulam. The city has grown quicker as a result of the Cochin Port, DP World Kochi, and Cochin Shipyard. The eastern areas of the city are home to the technological parks InfoPark Kochi and SmartCity Kochi.

As of March 2021, Rajkot is India’s sixth cleanest city and the world’s seventh fastest-growing city. On the banks of the Aji and Nyari rivers, the city houses the administrative headquarters of the Rajkot District, which is located 245 kilometres from the state capital Gandhinagar.


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