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The Do and Dont’s of defrosting your fridge before moving

The fridge is a very important asset in every household, it is electronic which means that you need to be extra cautious of its use and care. While moving you need to take care of all your electronic devices, especially the fridge or AC.

These electronic devices are built differently and need your utmost care while moving. The distance determines whether or not you should defrost your refrigerator before relocating. If ice has formed on the interior of the freezer over time, it will begin to thaw immediately after being put on to moving truck. When it melts, water will flow out and create a mess inside the moving vehicle.

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A common rule is to defrost the fridge if your relocation is more than a half-hour drive away. It’s not difficult, and it’ll take one less thing off your plate on moving day.

Do and Dont’s to defrost your fridge before the move:

  • Do Plan Ahead of Time: Most refrigerators need at least eight hrs to defrost, but it’s best on the side of safety and allow it a full day.
  • Do Remove All Food Before Defrosting: This will assist you to prevent water from clogging the food and will speed up the defrosting process.
  • Do Place Towels: To reduce clean-up, place a few towels inside to gather the water as just the ice melts.
  • Don’t Forget to Disconnect the Fridge After Defrosting – This is a precautionary measure that protects both you and your equipment.
  • Don’t Scrape the Ice: Scraping the ice from the interior of your refrigerator might potentially harm it, and it’s a time-consuming and tiresome task. Defrosting is significantly faster and more efficient.
  • Don’t Forget to Dry Out the Fridge: Defrosting isn’t the end of the process. once the ice has melted, replace the towels and thoroughly wipe and disinfect the insides of the refrigerator. Mold may potentially grow if this step is skipped.

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