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Check these things before moving to a new Home

Any family’s biggest and most important dream is to buy a new house. They put their years of money into purchasing a new home and a new beginning in their lives. As a result, people should be careful not only when leaving their former home with the assistance of moving firms, but also when putting their belongings in their new home. There are few pointers to keep in mind before moving to a new place:

  1. Disconnect your Gas Cylinder, Telephone and other Utility services

Before moving to new house disconnect the gas cylinder from the kitchen. Ensure that you clear all your dues, including telephone bills, rent and collect deposits if any. Most, importantly, clean the home before all your items are kept out. If you are not familiar to cleaning agents, consult your local packers and movers. They will help you definitely. Keep your refrigerator defrosted for few hours before packing.

  1. Finalize the Packing and Pick-up date

It is best to start early because there is a lot to pack; everything from your bed to cooking utensils is included. Try to collect all the borrowed items to the people and return everything possible which you have lent from any people.

  1. Finalize temporary and permanent location:

 While shifting to a new place it is extremely important that you relocate and confirm your new location so that people have a clear view of your address. Prepare and detach yourself from work so that you can relax and share a happy meal over a table with your near and dear ones.

packers and movers tips

packers and movers tips

  1. Take NOC from RTO for vehicles

 It is extremely important that you take your No-Objection Certificate from RTO office. Re-register your vehicle in the state where you will be relocating. That will definitely help you to avoid the legal hassles. It’s also totally worth noting that the No Objection Certificate for your bike has an expiration date, and also you must certainly re-register your car / bike before that date, or inform the MVD about this via mail communication or you’ll have to collect a new NOC or have the validity extended. Mostly, this is needed when you are moving to interstate. For E.g. for a Bangalore to Kochi bike shifting, its better you collect an NOC from your local Cochin RTO

  1. Transfer your Bank Accounts

Make sure you transfer all the necessary documents and update about all the new information to the respective person. Keep your postal service and neighbors informed about your new address and letters to be redirected. When you finally move to a new place, this will make some of the tasks easier for you. You can also request that your bank account be transferred to your new address.

  1. Pack your personal Belongings and keep it safe

 The right way to design your mind is to arrange your valuables in a way that you have time to arrange other important household smoothly.  Pack your personal things and keep your valuables aside. To make accessing travelers’ checks, tickets, and credit cards easier, keep them in a convenient place. Keep yourself free to be with packing team while the job is on. Check whether destination address is correct. Professionally qualified best House shifting companies mark the each boxes with separate labels. They have different labels for fragile items, wooden items, clothes and kitchen utilities.

  1. Before leaving home keep a tab on few things

 Recheck that all the taps, switches, windows all are closed and nothing is left open. Lock before leaving your former house. For the day of moving tips, choose a simple and light breakfast. Inform friends and relatives the date finalized for packing and moving.


Once you have moved in, search for a house with good water facility and other utilities as per your requirements. Call respective packers and give him your contact number and address to arrange door delivery. Arrive at your doorstep when your shipment arrives. Recheck all the items to ensure everything has reached your doorstep. Be sure to note in writing if any of the items are missing or damaged.  After this you can arrange for connection of telephone and gas connection. Check your bank account. Look out for house maid, the milk man and newspaper vendor. Introduce yourself to the neighbors.  Collect all important contact numbers. Try for the admissions of your children in School or Colleges.

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