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Cost Of Living In Kochi For Expatriates Latest Updated In 2021

Moving from one location to another can be a tricky job but not if one plans well from the beginning and executes the plan in a right and timely manner. So the first thing that you must do is to plan each and every step and that would include calculating the budget, searching for that particular location that fits your budget, hiring packers and movers for relocating your belongings, and finally settling down.

To choose a place to relocate without any purpose for relocation is such a satisfying thing to do, so if you are someone who loves hill region with chill climate, beautiful flora and fauna then you must consider relocating to Kochi in Kerala, and if you plan to do so, this blog is for you as it states the cost of living in Kochi so that you can plan on budget calculation.

cost of living in kochi

cost of living in kochi


The first and foremost thing that one must know before checking out the cost of living is the places that are in Kochi.

There are so many beautiful places in Kochi that is filled with art, amusement and also is residential like:

  • Mattancherry has a society with a diverse nature that has rich history and arts as it includes many palaces and temples, so it remains to be one of the most famous tourist spots.
  • Cherai is one of those small towns with spectacular places that attracts both residents and tourists, so it is one of the best and beautiful residential area.
  • Fort Kochi is a beach residential area which has beautiful views and a perfect place for people who love beaches.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Road or popularly known as MG road is a commercial place at Kochi. Airline offices, jewellery, banks, hospitals educational institution are located in single area making it a high-end commercial place.

Overall cost of living:

 Now moving on with the overall cost of living, monthly costs for a family of four estimated are 36,724.73₹ without rent and monthly costs for a single person estimated are 8,879.09₹ without rent approximately as per the data given in the internet. If you want to move to Kochi, Contact the Professional Packers and Movers in Kochi city for office shifting, Piano Shifting, material relocation, House Shifting, Bike Shifting etc

Rental costs:

The rent of the apartment differs on the basis of the number of rooms an individual wants and the location of the apartment, so if you want an apartment inside the city with higher number of bedrooms then the cost will be higher and it will decrease if the number of bedrooms decreases and the location form the city’s centre increases.

  • So apparently apartment with one bedroom in City Centre costs about 10,766.67 ₹
  • Apartment with one bedroom Outside of Centre costs about 7,607.14 ₹
  • And when it comes to three building apartments, an apartment with three bedrooms in City Centre costs about 24,285.71 ₹
  • Apartment with 3 bedrooms Outside of Centre costs about 15,000.00 ₹

 Hope this information helped you to calculate the budget and select the perfect place for your relocation.


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