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Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat 2021: Auspicious Dates and Time for Home Shifting

Stars that we see in the sky of the dark night is so beautiful and peaceful that it captures our heart and makes us gaze at it for a long time, but starts, planets and universe are not just beautiful creations of god but also has a deeper meaning in astrology that it is used to predict people’s future.

 So if you are someone who is planning to shift to your new house or relocating to a new place then this blog is for you as it briefs out about the auspicious days & time for home shifting.

Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat 2021: Auspicious Dates & Time for Home Shifting:

One of the most frequent questions that is asked regarding this ceremony is that, “Is it really necessary to relocate on an auspicious day?”

And the answer for it varies according to what you believe in. So people who don’t have faith or trust in god or astrology and who are atheists do not give importance to this ceremony or follow this method to relocate their house, they just make plans, pack their things and relocate according to their comfort and work schedule, so that they can enjoy their success and new start with their family, friends and loved ones. But people who trust the astrology will find this a very important thing to do before they begin anything new in their life like a business, relocating their home, buying vehicles and so on.

Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat 2021

Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat 2021

Now if you are a believer of astrology then you are eligible to keep reading this blog. The first and foremost reason to actually perform this Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat ceremony is actually to remove the bad vibe from the newly built or shifted house and fill the house with positive vibes. So if you want to follow the astrology to proceed further with the process then it is suggested to visit an astrologer to get the perfect date for the relocation as he analyses your Rasi and Nakshatra and provides you with the perfect date along with the time to relocate.

However the basic belief is that Tuesdays are considered to be inauspicious for relocating to a new home or entering a new place, so are Saturdays and Sundays in some special occasions whereas Thursday is the most auspicious day to relocate your house or office.

It is best to bring in a priest or Iyer to perform the rituals, ceremony and poojhas. So before the beginning of the rituals make sure that your house is completely cleaned and empty that it paves way for the good vibes to enter your house, make sure there is no barriers in the pathway of the house, decorations are very important as beautiful places attracts beautiful vibes.

Hope this blog helped you to make a decision on your Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat. Let the fortune shine on you and bring you lots of good vibes.

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